The Young Professional Climate Finance Program is a two-part program which consists of training and mentorship components.



Training was conducted via a two-day workshop followed by four practical sessions. Through the workshop, participants were informed on Grenada’s climate change policy and strategies developed over the last five years, as well as the country’s climate finance landscape and the work of the government in accessing climate finance. Young professionals were also informed on climate change related projects, funding agencies and local implementing agencies; and were introduced to the baseline knowledge of proposal writing and concept note development, using various templates for context. Practical sessions were focused on developing concept notes and proposals on topics/areas relevant to Grenada.


The internship program is geared towards pairing senior climate experts with young professionals who have successfully completed training for a three to six-month – but no more than a year - internship. The expert chosen will be within the young professional’s field of interest and will act as amentor and the young professional will act as a mentee, gaining knowledge and building their capacity and skills based on the initial training. These young professionals will be able to gain firsthand knowledge and exposure from these experts in their given fields of expertise to gain a better understanding of climate issues in the given area.


Implementing Organization

The Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN) is a regional youth-focused and youth-led non-governmental organization formed in response to the challenges faced in the Caribbean region with integrating various environmental considerations into development priorities. CYEN works to ensure that children and youth of the Caribbean are included in decision-making for matters related to the environment and sustainable development. CYEN is based on three pillars which governs their work done: education and awareness where children and youth are engaged with on various topics including climate change and finance, biodiversity and ecosystems, pollution and waste management; engagement and participation by collaborating with Government, private sector and regional and international organization to provide opportunities for youth at meetings, workshops, consultations and conferences; and advocacy and lobbying where youth are provided with a platform to share their perceptions and advocate for their considerations in environmental and sustainable development governance issues.

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